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This page is for families looking for information
on our Placentia Mustangs program


In trying to help new families joining the program on a daily basis I have made a few new web pages that should really help answer some common questions.
Use the links below to look over the pages and it should really help you answer some questions you might have.

Players intersted in the Placentia Mustangs program just need to e-mail RSVP players name, birth date, age and
positions played to
We have interested players come to a open workout, see the program first hand to save the families
from having to ask a bunch of questions that will be answered by seeing the program workout.

Mustangs Info page:
You can get Mustangs info here on this page. It has several different postings on schedules, game day notes and common questions.
I will post upcoming events on this page also. OPEN WORKOUTS will be posted on this page.
New players just need to email us and RSVP for these workouts. Will need name, age, birth date and positions played.

Mustangs Items:
You can see what the uniform package is like on this link. It will have special deals on Mustangs gear, shirts, jackets, helmets and other items in the near future.
We have plenty of items that once we get a little further in building the new teams we will start to make available to families.

Mustangs Team Store:
You purchase the needed uniform iteams and pay dues via this link. Once you purchase the uniform you will be put on the roster for games at your teams age level.
It will also have different items, tournaments and is the place to pay future monthly dues and game fees.
You can also email in any order and pay check or cash at the field if you would pay that way instead of on line.

Field Directions: has a field directions link.
Always use that for field directions as some fields have special notes posted.

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